Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August 2015 Departures

Back row L-R:  Sisters Hord, Kirkland, Greer, Scow and Edmonds
Middle row L-R: Elders Shelton, Greding, The Pres and me, Elders Perrin and Jamias
Front row L-R:  Elders Gerber-Kai, Rushforth, and Buonocore

Back row:  Sisters Kirkland, Edmonds, Scow and Greer
Front row:  Elders Shelton, Gerber-Kai, Blackner and Perrin

AP transition as Elder Perrin(middle) leaves
and Elder Ord (right) becomes senior AP,
with Elder Herring (left) coming on as the junior AP.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 2015 Arrivals

Back row L-R:  Elder Behling, President, Elders Gneiting, Williams, Carroll, Chapman, McDonald and Robledo
Middle row L-R:  Sisters White, Sherrow, Cooke, Sindylkova, Capson
Front row L-R:  Elders Williams, Florence, Jackson, Kohler, Bentley, Lee

Arriving at Reagan National Airport
AP Herring leads the pack up from baggage claim

We load baggage into the APs' trailer so we can ride the Metro unencumbered.
Here, Sister Training Leader Gordon(left) helps Sister Sherrow, President, and the rest of the pack.

 Instructions before boarding the Metro
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New Sisters Capson, Sherrow, White and Sindylkova are shepherded by APs Ord, Herring and Perrin
Entering the DC Metro
(cleanest, safest, most dependable subway in the world)

Sister Sindylkova is joined by Sister Training Leader Wathen then Sister Capson, our daughter Elizabeth Cooke, Sister Training Leaders Amparo, Maughan, Sister White and STL Gordon

Arriving at Forest Glen, en route to the Temple

Elder Williams

Elder Kohler

Elder Chapman

Elder Bentley

Elder Gneiting

Elder Carroll

Elder McDonald

Elder Lee

Elder Jackson

Elder Florence

Elder Williams

Elder Robledo

Elder Behling

Sister Sindylkova

Sister Sherrow

Sister Capson

Sister White

Dinner at the Mission Home

Sister Training Leader Gordon next to new Sisters White and Capson with Sister Training Leader Wathen

Sister Training Leader Maughan (L) with new Sisters Sherrow and Sindylkova beside Sister Leader Training Leader Amparo

Elders Jackson, Carroll and Florence with AP Herring

Elder Shih (who had arrived a few days earlier), Elders Chapman and Lee

Elders Kohler, Williams and Behling

Elders Behling, Robledo, Bentley, Williams and Florence

Elders Bentley, Williams, Florence, Gneiting and Kohler

A few weeks later:  
Specialized Training of the August Arrivals
with their trainers at the Chevy Chase Building

Winning Companionship:  Sisters Wilson and White