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New Missionary Orientation Video
When a new group of missionaries arrive in our mission, they participate in a series of training meetings. At these meetings, the new "greenie" missionaries are given instruction that will help them get off to a great start in the mission field. This video is shown to each of our brand new missionaries at one of those meetings.   

edited and produced by Gabe Guerrero

WDCNM District 3 - Ipads
Our mission has a long-standing tradition of creating training videos for our zone conferences that we call "District 3" as a spin-off of the MTC's "The Districts 1 & 2" teaching films.  We use them to address, in a light-hearted way, some aspect of missionary work that could use improvement.  This recent installment of "District 3" focuses on both the opportunity and the challenge our missionaries face in effectively using the newest proselyting tool - iPads

edited and produced by Anthony Parlogean

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