Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September 2015 Arrivals

L-R back:  Elders Payne and Call, President, Elder Shirley
L-R front: Sisters Carter, Johnson, Cooke Pacheco and Lau

From Reagan National Airport
straight to the Metro

L-R:  Elders Payne, Shirley and Call

New Elders, New Sisters and experienced Sister Training Leaders along for the ride

Stopping at our magnificent DC Temple

And on to the Mission Home

L-R:  Sister Training Leaders Wathen, Sundwall, Wilson and Maughan
with our daughter Elizabeth in the back

We were joined by 4 fabulous ASL newcomers who had arrived a few days earlier.

L-R:  Sisters Johnson, Larson, Kucharek and Cosper

L-R:  Sister Cosper, Elder Smuin and Sister Ram

L-R:  Sisters Ram, Pacheco, Lau and Carter

L-R:  Elder Smuin, Sisters Ram,  Pacheco, Lau,  Carter, Pres Cooke, Sisters Johnson, Larson, Kucharek, Cosper

 AP Ord, Elders Shirley, Call, Payne and AP Herring

It's so fun to watch our ASL missionaries sign the hymns!
L-R:  Elder Smuin, Sister Training Leader Maughan, ASL Sisters Ram, Carter, Cosper, Kucharek and Sister Johnson

Thursday, September 24, 2015

September 2015 Departures

A small but beloved foursome:  

Elders Tilby, Springer, Reedy and Hartzog

Get "coined"

Share food and stories

And say goodbye in our famous airport terminal

Charlie Mike forever !

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

We Love Sisters !

Coming out of the sisters' temple session:
Sisters Everton, Maughan, Luna Chico,  McArthur, Parker, Mecham, Maire and Whiteford

Sisters Parabirsing and Griffin

Sisters Wilson, Thurber and Wathen

Sisters Del Bosque, Simpson and Klaass

Sisters Williams and Wilson

Sisters Buehler and Kohler

Sisters Higginson, Hord,     Plazier

Sisters Acosta and Plaizier

Sisters Minguito, Gonzalez and White

Sisters Griffin and Ete

Sisters Mateaki and Kennerley

Sister Caldwell

Sisters' Conference

Sister Maughan (in the white dress her mother made especially for the occasion) was the engine behind this Fall's Sisters' Conference.  Here she is passing out homemade chocolates to Sisters McArthur, Simpson, Klaass and Ete.

We began the day with a meditative nature walk along the Potomac River.
Here I am with brand-new Sister Ram from Hawaii.

Sister Case (here giving a 2-minute warning) led us in a getting-acquainted activity 

Sister Maughan and Sister Whiteford shared some hair
and make-up tips from their pre-mission expertise
as professional stylists.

Sister Simpson and her committee did flowers and tables
I regret not getting pictures of so many other sisters who made the day a success, the musicians, the slideshow producers, the speakers and conductors.
Oh, how I cherish our incredible sisters!!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Training Session for August Newcomers and their Trainers

And the winners of the team competition were:

Sisters Wilson and White