Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February 2016 Departures

Back row L-R:  Elders Gipson, Parker, Biolo, the Pres, Sisters Sundwall, Caldwell and Thurber
Middle row L-R:   Sisters Mitchell, Biolo, me, Sister Sigauke, Caparas and Piutau
Front row L-R behind our dog Sierra:  Elders Brown, Fisher and Van Wagoner

Elders Gipson, Parker, and the Biolos

Sister Mitchell, our son Joseph, Elders Brown and Fisher

L-R:  Our daughter Elizabeth, Sisters Caldwell, Sundwall, Thurber, Sigauke, Caparas and Piutau
(Sisters Sigauke and Piutau are SLC- VC Sisters who are completing their two-transfer in-field proselyting rotations) 

President's presentation of service coins

The Airport

After checking luggage, we usually have time to share lunch at
Ben's Chili (manager on far right) before the departing missionaries board.

Sister Caparas

Right before sending them through security, we gather under the flag for a photo and final goodbyes.

Adieu and Charlie-Mike!

February 2016 Arrivals

Metro Station at Reagan National Airport
Back row L-R:  Sister Ruiz de Mendoza, Elders Froerer and Edwards
Front row L-R:  Elders McBride, Bryant, Guzzle, Mullen, Teriitua and AP Elder Ord on the right corner
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Temple Visitors' Center

Elder McBride

Elder Edwards

Elder Froerer

Elder Bryant

Elder Guzzle

Elder Teriitua

Elder Mullen

Sister Ruiz de Mendoza

Introducing Trainees to their Trainers

Elder Haggard will train Elder Edwards

Elder Froerer will be trained by Elder Gneiting

Elder Territua will be trained by Elder Fitzgerald

Hermana Gonzalez will train Hermana Ruiz de Mendoza

Elder McBride will be trained by Elder Torgerson

Elder Bryant will be trained by Elder Sudweeks

Elder Guzzle will be trained by Elder Timmerman

Elder Mullen will be trained by Elder Hall

Elder McBride gets a little help from his companion Elder Torgerson assembling his CTR bike