Friday, October 31, 2014

October 2014 Arrivals

A Great New Crew

Front L-R:  Elders Sudweeks, Ferlo, Huber and Price
Middle L-R:  Sisters Meredith, Kohler, Gordon and Edwards
Back L-R:  Sisters Thurber and Simpson with Pres and Sis Cooke
Upon arrival at Reagan National Airport, 
we stash luggage in Assistant-driven trailers, 
and head for the Metro, accompanied by Sister Training Leaders.
Same new arrivals with Assistants: Elders Hansen, Farley and Malugin (far left)
and Sister Training Leaders: Sister Croese (on Pres' right) and Sister Turley (next to Sister Croese) and Sister Taggart (bottom right corner)
Forest Glen is our arrival spot to visit the temple.

Everyone poses for a picture in front of our glorious temple

The next day, new missionaries are paired up with their companion Trainers.
Elder Treasure trains Elder Sudweeks

Sister Austin trains Sister Simpson

Elder Willis trains Elder Huber

Sister Connelly trains Sister Kohler

Elder Hurford-Reynolds trains Elder Price

Sister Saviano trains Sister Thurber

Sister Veenker trains Sister Gordon

Sister Stauffer trains Sister Meredith

Elder Jamias trains Elder Ferlo

Sister Bertholon trains Sister Edwards

Welcome to
The Greatest Mission in the History of Life!

October 2014 Departures Dinner

At the end of each six-week transfer, we are forced to part ways with another group of missionaries, a parting that is filled with mixed emotions.  Before their farewell transfer meeting, the departing Elders and Sisters enjoy an evening of nostalgia at the Mission Home with the Cookes.  They will always be a part of our mission family.

Back row L-R: Sister Mendenhall, Sister Croese, Sister Kohler, Elder Queen,
Elder Rummler, Sister Sottili, President Cooke, Sister Weber, Sister Cooke, Elder Mecham.
Front row L-R: Elder He, Elder Brian

L-R:  Elders He, Queen, Sisters Weber, Kohler, Sottili, President Cooke
Sisters Croese, Mendenhall, Elders Rummler, Mecham, Brian
Sister Mendenhall's Creation for the Sisters' Farewell Meeting
(joined by 14-yr-old Elizabeth Cooke on the left
and Elder Queen on the right)

 L-R: Elder Queen, Sister Kohler, Sister Sottili, Sister Weber
creating their individual pages for the Cookes' scrapbook

L-R: Sister Mendenhall, Sister Croese
sharing some of their favorite mission memories

 Getting "coined" means receiving your service coin through an official handshake,
a parting gift from President and Sister Cooke.

  L-R: Elders Brian, Mecham, and He
listening to each others' stories

Elder Rummler
kind of snuck into the party since he just received the VISA to Brasil 
he's been waiting for which means he will leave our mission along with the others
but he will fly straight to Brasil to go complete his two years

Sisters Mendenhall, Croese, Kohler and Weber
at the airport, ready to board

Final Goodbyes 

Preparing for Christmas

Thursday, October 30, 2014

October 2014 New Arrivals

from the airplane at Reagan National straight to the DC Metro

Front row L-R:  Elders Sudweeks, Ferlo, Huber and Price
Middle row L-R:  Sisters Meredith, Kohler,  Gordon and Edwards
Back row L-R:  Sisters Thurber and Simpson, Pres and Sister Cooke

Huddle on top of the airport parking terrace to give APs our luggage, meet our Sister Training Leaders, huddle and prepare to launch on the Metro with Book of Mormon and referral cards in hand
APs are Elder Hansen (far left in yellow striped tie), Elder Farley to his left, and Elder Malugin to his left
Sister Training Leaders are Sister Taggart (far right corner), and on President's right, Sisters Croese, Turley (in red) and Johnson in the earth-colored plaid top

Arrival at Forest Glen metro stop, closest to the Temple
Everyone survived!

Back row L-R: Sisters Meredith, Kohler, Gordon, Sister and Pres Cooke, Sisters Thurber, Simpson and Edwards
Front row L-R: Elders Huber, Sudweeks, Price and Ferlo

INTRODUCTION  to  new  companion - TRAINERS

Elder Willis will train Elder Huber

Elder Treasure will train Elder Sudweeks

Elder Ferlo will be trained by Elder Jamias

Sister Kohler will be trained by Sister Connelly

Elder Price will be trained by Elder Hurford-Reynolds

Sister Simpson will be trained by Sister Austin

Sister Veenker will train Sister Gordon

Sister Bertholon will train Sister Edwards

Sister Thurber will be trained by Sister Saviano

Sister Meredith will be trained by Sister Stauffer
So glad to add this great new group to our mission family!