Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September 2014 Arrivals

Here come our newest arrivals...

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From Reagan National Airport, 
we boarded the D.C. Metro
with Books of Mormon and referral cards in hand.
Front row L-R:  Elders Squire, Blackner, Winn, Mayta
Middle row L-R:  Sisters Liu, Sundwall, Hermosillo, Moore, Maughan, Everton, Caldwell and Castaneyra
Back row:  Elder Patchett with Pres and Sister Cooke

Back row L-R:  Elders Mayta, Squire, Patchett, President Cooke, Elders Blackner, Winn and Sister Cooke
Front row L-R:  Sisters Hermosillo, Everton, Castaneyra, Sundwall, Caldwell, Maughan, Moore and Liu

Orientation, Training and Testimonies at the Mission Home

Sisters Maughan, Everton, Caldwell and Sundwall

Sisters Everton, Maughan, Moore, Castaneyra
President and Sister Lorenzana (First Counselor in the Mission Presidency)
with Elders Mayta and Winn, and our daughters Elizabeth and Carrie
Sister Colson, Sister Johnson (a Sister Training Leader),
Elders Blackner, Patchett and Squire and Sister Castaneyra
Sisters Croese and Taggart (Sister Training Leaders)
Sisters Caldwell, Sundwall, Wathen and Liu
Sister Castaneyra, Elders Mayta and Blackner

The Washington DC Temple

Back row L-R: Pres. Cooke, Sisters Everton, Sundwall and Caldwell
Middle row L-R: Sisters Cooke, Moore, Maughan, Hermosillo, Liu and Casteneyra
Front row L-R: Elders Mayta, Winn, Blackner, Squire and Patchett
Elder Mayta

Elder Squire

Elder Patchett

Sister Moore

Sister Sundwall

Sister Liu

Sister Hermosillo

Sister Castaneyra

Sister Maughan

Sister Everton

Sister Caldwell

Sister Wathen
 (Arrived a week earlier)

New Arrivals Being Introduced at Transfer Meeting 
with their Newly Assigned Trainers

Sisters Wathen and Rowley 

Sisters Caldwell and Howe

Sisters Lewis and Sundwall 

Sisters Moore and Bertholon

Sisters Maughan and Griffiths

Sisters Everton and Taggart

Sisters Castaneyra and Kirkland

Sisters Liu and Black

Sisters Hermosillo and Busath

Elders Squire and Richards

Elders Winn and Lussier-Houle

Elders Mayta and Lines

Elders Patchett and Ah Ching

Elders Blackner and Owens

Elders Richards and Squire

Elders Winn and Lussier-Houle

Elders Owens and Blackner


Sisters Lewis and Sundwall

Elders Ah Ching and Patchett

Elders Mayta and Lines

Sisters Howe and Caldwell

Sisters Kirkland and Castaneyra

Sisters Hermosillo and Busath

Sisters Bertholon and Moore

Sisters Griffths and Maughan 

Sisters Everton and Taggart

Sisters Black and Liu