Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Monday, July 21, 2014

The District 3 - iPads


Our mission has a long-standing tradition of creating training videos for our zone conferences that we call "District 3" as a spin-off of the MTC's "The Districts 1 & 2" teaching films.  We use them to address, in a light-hearted way, some aspect of missionary work that could use improvement.  This recent installment of "District 3" focuses on both the opportunity and the challenge our missionaries face in effectively using the newest proselyting tool - iPads!

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Regarding President Matsumori (our predecessor)

Dear friends, family and missionaries of the DC North Mission,

We are heartbroken to report that former President Jim Matsumori has recently been diagnosed with stage four stomach cancer and will be undergoing treatment immediately.

Our hearts and prayers are with him and his dear wife, Vicki.

This photo was taken June 30, 2013, when the Matsumoris picked us up at the airport to bring us into our new calling.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

June FHE at the Mission Home

 Spanish Family Home Evening in June

The game of "Simon Says" gets intense!

Elder Brown leading with Elder Hatch (sitting) watching
President Lorenzana leading

You gotta love anything that can get that much of a laugh from Elders Ah Ching and Dahl

Elder Brown

Elders Guerrero, Ord 

Sister Kirkland (in back, blond hair) and Elder Christensen with some members

President hosting dessert on the back patio

Elder Dahl and Sister Lorenzana

Sister Kirkland samples the dessert

Hermanas Carcamo and Amparo with a member

Hermanas Pirir and Kirkland

Elder Crosswhite (2nd from right) with a bunch of his friends

Elders Ord and Guerrero in the back right with members and investigators

Hermana Pirir with a dear member

Hermanas Austin (green top) and Pirir (pink skirt) with members

Elder Brown with a couple of faithfuls

Who loves FHE ?!!!
Elders Brown, Little, Stubbs and Ah Ching

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

June 2014 New Arrivals

Upon arrival at Reagan National Airport,
we gather up our newest missionaries and take them on the Washington D.C. Metro to go see the Temple

Back row L-R:  President, Elders Summit, De la Cruz, Herring and Harrison
Middle row L-R: Sister Steenhoek, Elders Hamblin and Billiter with Sister Cooke
Front:  Elders Sorensen and Crandall

Each one of us was equipped with a Book of Mormon and pass-along cards along with the challenge to go meet people.

Sister Owens, one of our Sister Training Leaders, blazed the way by demonstrating how to give out a Book of Mormon before even getting on the train.

And with that, we were off… boarding our first D.C. Metro!

At first, we pretty much just talked to each other.

But within a few stops, look at how Elders Herring, Summit and Hamblin all struck up conversations with other passengers.

An half an hour later - and a whole lot wiser - we emerged victorious at the Metro stop closest to the Washington Temple

Sister Steenhoek, Elders Billiter, Summit, De la Cruz, President, Elder Herring and Harrison
Elders Sorensen, Crandall and Hamblin

We shuttled over to the tallest, most beautiful temple on earth!

After dinner, interviews and testimonies at the Mission Home,
everyone gets their first night of sleep in Maryland, and we start the next morning bright and early with breakfast.

Elder Billiter took charge of bacon

Elder De la Cruz handled the waffles

Elder Summit sliced strawberries

Someone's gotta start eating:  Elders Sorensen (L), Harrison and Crandall oblige, with Elder Hamblin peeking out from behind.

In front of the Mission Home, on our way to the Transfer Meeting where these new folks will be introduced to their trainers and to the rest of the mission
(APs Farley and Loveless in white shirts are in the back left while AP Elder Giles is at the front right
Sister Training Leader Sister Owens and Sister Cooke flank our only new sister in this group, Sister Steenhoek)

At the Visitors' Center, here are the new companionships: 
Elders De la Cruz and Jackman

Elders Rummler and Sorensen

Sisters Steenhoek and Taggart

Elders Thornton and Herring

Elders Brimhall and Crandall

Elders Rushforth and Harrison

Elders Billiter and Porter

Elder Manning and Summit

Elders Elliott and Hamblin
Finally, we introduced the new teams to the rest of the mission:

Elder Billiter will be trained by Elder Porter

Elder Manning will train Elder Summit

Elder Hamblin will be trained by Elder Elliott

Elder Thorton will train Elder Herring

Elder Rummler will train Elder Sorensen

Elder Wood will train Elder Gaudette

Elder Brimhall will train Elder Crandall

Elder Harrison will be trained by Elder Rushforth

Sister Steenhoek will be trained by Sister Taggart

Elder De la Cruz will be trained by Elder Jackman

And they're off and running!

With an official "Let's GO!" by Elder Herring and his fast-moving trainer, Elder Thornton

P.S.  Here is a 4-generation shot of Elders Raasveld (the proud great-grandfather) who trained
Elder Tavana who trained Elder Thornton who will now train Elder Herring.