Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New month, new missionaries!

Upon arrival at Reagan National Airport, 
we took the group of new arrivals on the Metro to the Temple, 
each equipped with a Book of Mormon to pass out, if they could.

Back row L-R:  Elder Madsen, Pres and Sister Cooke, Sister Amparo, Elder Liang
Front row L-R:  Elders Hall, Smith, Ord and Richmond
Elders Liang and Hall
Elder Ord
Elder Richmond and Sister Amparo
Pres talking to Elders Smith and Liang while Sister Training Leader Sister Owens GQ's a random rider

Sister Owens did get him to take a Book of Mormon as he got off at this stop
Switching trains at Fort Totten

Arriving at Forest Glen, the Metro station closest to the temple
Entrance to the Visitors' Center - in full Spring Bloom
Back row with Pres and Sister Cooke:  Elder Ord, Sister Amparo, Elders Madsen and Liang
Front row:  Elders Hall, Richmond and Smith

At the Mission Home for dinner, training, testimonies and SLEEP
New arrivals with Elder and Sister Schroer from the Mission Office

Elder Ord with President and Sister Lorenzana on the left
and Elder and Sister Colson on the right
Sister Training Leaders Leben and Owens with
Sister Colson from the Mission Office
Elder Madsen with AP's Elders Loveless and Giles and Elizabeth Cooke

The Next Morning at Breakfast….

Elder Smith

Elder Richmond

Elder Hall

Elder Liang

Elder Ord

Sister Amparo

Elder Madsen

The next morning in front of the mission home, ready to go meet their trainers

Monday, May 19, 2014

Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom from our very own Elders and
Sisters here in the Washington, D.C. North Mission

Monday, May 5, 2014

April 2014 NEW Arrivals

Great New Group of Missionaries 
Back row:  Sisters Greer and Hord with President and Sister Cooke, and Sisters Lau and Kirkland
Front Row:  Elders Gipson, Crosswhite, Brown and Van Wagoner
Arriving at the D.C. Airport, About to Board the Metro

Learning how to ride and "work" the Metro

Unfortunately, we happened to be on a train that didn't have many other passengers for us to "work"

Elder Crosswhite
Elder Brown
Welcome to the Tallest Temple on Earth
Back row L-R:  Elder Gipson, President, Elders Brown and Crosswhite, Sister Greer
Front row L-R:  Elder Van Wagoner, Me, Sisters Kirkland, Hord, Lau and Sister and Elder Eyring

Dinner and Interviews at the Mission Home

Elder and Sister Colson from the Mission Office with Sisters Lau and Morse

Sister Shroer from the Mission Office with Sisters Hord, Eyring and Graff  - a Sister Training Leader

Sisters Kirkland, Greer and Sister and President Lorenzana - Counselor to the Mission President

L-R: Elder Van Wagoner, AP Elder Miyasaki, Elizabeth our 14-yr-old, Sister Smith - a Sister Training Leader and Carrie our 18-yr-old

APs Elders Loveless and Giles with Elders Brown and Gipson

L-R: Elder and Sister Pearson from the Mission Office, Elder Crosswhite, Elder Eyring from the Visitors' Center, Elder Shroer from the Mission Office, the President, APs Loveless and Giles and Elder Brown

On to the Visitors' Center to meet their new companions!

Sisters Morse and Mendenhall

Sisters Shaw and Greer

Sisters Sottili and Lau

Sisters Hord and Austin

Sisters Kirkland and Pirir

Elders Andrade and Crosswhite

Elders Stubbs and Brown

Elders Van Wagoner and Fuller

Elders Gipson and Little

Sisters Sottili and Lau

AP Elder Loveless (L) works with Elders Gipson and Little with the new iPads

Elders Van Wagoner and Fuller

AP Elder Giles watches over Sister Morse's introduction to her new iPad, with Sister Mendenhall overlooking

Sisters Austin, Hord and Pirir

Elders Stubbs, Brown,Andrade and Crosswhite

Introductions to the Full Mission at Transfer Meeting

Sisters Kirkland and Pirir

Sisters Austin and Hord

Sisters Mendenhall and Morse

Sisters Lau and Sottili

Sisters Shaw and Greer

Elders Andrade and Crosswhite

Elders Brown and Stubbs

Elders Little and Gipson

Elders Fuller and Van Wagoner

And with that, we're off and running…