Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August 2014 New Arrivals

August 5th Arrival at Reagan National Airport

Back row L-R:  Elders Clemons, Hill, Jorgensen, Sister Caparas, Pres and Sister Cooke, Sister Whiteford,
Elders Rollins, Timmerman, Cruz
Front row L-R:  Elders Crowley, Coombs, Thorpe, Tanner, Williams, Porter
 Getting Ready to Ride the D.C. Metro

Joe Cooke teaches the new missionaries how to use the Metro system

Forest Glen - the Metro stop closest to the Washington Temple

Dinner, Training and Testimonies at the Mission Home

New Companionships formed at the Visitors' Center:

Elders Jorgensen and Tilby

Elders Lim and Thorpe

Elders Clemons and Wendt

Elders Hart and Porter

Sisters Holland and Caparas

Elders Nollet and Rollins

Elders Monsia and Timmerman

Elders Ng and Coombs

Elders Johnson and Crowley

Elders Fuller and Williams

Elders Buonocore and Cruz

Elders Collins and Tanner

Elders Paul and Hill

August 2014 Departures

Back row L-R:  Elders Fletcher and Giles, Pres and Sister Cooke, Sisters Pirir, Checketts, Owens and Elder Hatch
Front row L-R:  Elders Bledsoe, Broadhead, Christensen, Arnett and Cervantes

Making personalized pages for the Cookes' remembrance book

 Marking each person's favorite scripture

Dinner at last

Sometimes APs get stuck in the kitchen (Elders Farley and Loveless)

Story time:

President explaining the service coins before handing them out.

 Departing Testimonies at Final Transfer Meeting
AP Elder Loveless conducting

Elder Burnham
Sister Burnham

Elder Cervantes

Elder Fletcher

Sister Owens

Elder Giles

Sister Pirir

Elder Arnett

Elder Hatch

Elder Christensen

Elder Broadhead

Elder Bledsoe

Sister Checketts

President and Elder Giles on that last long walk

Elder Giles with his good friend/investigator Art
Taking those departing on the 4:40 flight to Reagan Airport:
L-R  Carrie Cooke, Elder Giles, Pres and Sister Cooke, Sister Pirir, Elizabeth Cooke, Elders Arnett and Broadhead