Saturday, July 2, 2016

Cookes' Wrap-Up

During the final weeks of the Cooke's mission,
we had several wonderful experiences.

One of them was to take 80+ of our missionaries 
who are in the last part of their missions to
Arlington National Cemetery.

We had the honor of laying a wreath at 
The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
on behalf of the Washington DC North Mission.

At the June "Why I Believe" monthly fireside
 at the Visitors' Center,
the Cooke family gave parting testimonies
and Father's Day tributes.

Carolyn 20

Joseph 18

Elizabeth 16

On June 30th, we welcomed in our replacements,
President Steve Johnson and Sister Beth Johnson:


*   *   *   *   *

And then it was our turn to stand 
under that flag at Reagan National Airport 
and bid the mission farewell...

Assisted one last time by APs Patchett on the far left, Tanner towering over the top, and Torgerson flanking the right.
(Our son Joe entered the US Naval Academy the day before we flew out.)

"Mike - Charlie" 

i.e.  Mission Complete !

Monday, June 20, 2016

June 2016 Arrivals

Elder Wilsher

Elder Brimhall

Elder Pehrson

Elder Stolk

Sister Escobar

Sister Rendon

Sister Moore

Sister Greenhalgh

Sister Farnsworth

Sister Cooper

Elder Aceves

Sister Galli

Sister Erasmus

Introducing trainers and trainees

Sister Ram will train Sister Moore

Sister Farnsworth will be trained by Sister Nolte

Sister Cooper will be trained by Sister Case

Sister Freeman will train Sister Greenhalgh

Elder Aceves will be trained by Elder Ferlo

Elder Stolk will be trained by Elder Florence

Sister Escobar will be trained by Sister Capson

Elder Schank will train Elder Brimhall

Elder Pehrson will be trained by Elder Norris

Sister Erasmus will be trained by Sister Baird

Elder Wilsher will be trained by Elder Call

Sister Williams will train Sister Galli

Thursday, May 5, 2016

May 2016 Arrivals

Welcome to our Mission Family!

Back row L-R: Elders Benson and McFarland with President and Elders Bailey and Vance
Front:  Sisters Bateman and Routt with me

Elder Benson

Elder Vance

Sister Bateman

Elder Bailey

Elder McFarland

Dinner at the Mission Home
L-R:  Elder Bailey, Sister Training Leaders Nolte and Meacham, New Sister Bateman, Elder Benson
and, in the righthand corner, Elder McFarland

L-R:  Elder Benson, President and Sister Lorenzana from the Mission Presidency,
our daughter Carolyn and Elder McFarland

L-R:  APs Patchett and Tanner with our son Joe
across from New Elder Vance and New AP Torgerson on the far right

Meeting their Trainer/Companions

Sister Bateman will be trained by Hermana Martinez

Elder Cowan will train Elder Benson

Elder Bailey will be trained by Elder Bentley

Elder Squire will train Elder McFarland

Sister Kennerly will train Sister Routt

Elder Vance will be trained by Elder Chapman

Welcome to the
Greatest Mission in the History of Life!