Sunday, May 24, 2015

Specialized Training for April 2015 Arrivals

About one month after they arrive, new missionaries are brought together for specialized training.  We discuss how they are adjusting to missionary life and what we can do to support each other.

Elder Andrade, Sister Ellsworth, President, Sister Hansen, Elder Harsten, Sister Veenker
Elder Coombs, Sisters Cain and Turley, Elder Springer

Elder Pesantes, Elders Von Trapp and Haggard, Sister Plaizier (back to us)
Sister Ete in burgundy and Sister Edmonds in white

Elders Tutu'u, Wilcox and Cowen

We play stress-reducing games to test each other's mastery of the First Vision, the White Handbook, and key missionary scriptures.

 In this challenge, two companionships are pitted against each other back-to-back, each trying to recite the First Vision more quickly and accurately than their competing team by identifying each phrase of the recitation scrambled on the board in front of them and shooting a dart at it before finding the next phrase in correct order and having the other companion shoot a dart at that one.


Until a winner is announced!

 Next, the run-off teams are pitted against each other in a form of scripture-chase but with the White Handbook.  The Assistants act out a scenario that creates an obedience dilemma and each team tries to be the first to find exact page and paragraph that answers that particular situation.

In this scenario, Elder Wilcox pretends to be cradling a baby….
but not just any baby.  A baby duck!
Do you know which missionary rules he's breaking?

In this scene, Elder Von Trapp is writing a personal letter in the middle of the week.  
Not only is it not on P-Day, but it's a letter directly to the Prophet of the Church.

The final victors win a prize, in this case, 
complimentary ties for the winning companionship of Elders Harsten and Haggard.

Lunch !
L-R:  Sisters Turley, Minguito, Ete, Veenker, Hansen and Plaizier

President, Sisters Edmonds and Ellsworth, Elder Von Trapp, Sisters Cain and Parabirsing and Elder Wilcox

L-R:  Elders Pesantes, Coombs, Cowen, Harsten, Haggard, Tutu'u, Springer and Andrade

And off they go…                               again…
                                                                                                    … into the wide blue yonder !

Elder Harsten and Elder Haggard
with J.S. Armstrong (the mission mascot!)

April 2015 Arrivals

Back row L-R:  Sisters Minguito and Cain on our right.  Sisters Ete and Plaizier on our left.
Front row L-R:  Elders Pesantes, Haggard, Cowen and Tutu'u

From the airplane straight to the Metro.   Here they come!

At an interim station, Elder Haggard didn't hesitate to try out his spanish and hand out referral cards

Elders Haggard and Cowen

  At the final station, Elders Haggard and Cowen explained the Book of Mormon promise to a fellow passenger and gave him the book.

Dinner at the Mission Home

Elder Cowen (left) sits next to Sister and Elder Colson from the Mission Office
Elder Pesantes takes the end of the table with Elders Tutu'u and Haggard on the right, next to Sister and Elder Schroer also from the Mission Office

This photo has the addition of our beloved sister caterer, Helene Doue Thornton (standing)

L-R:  Sister Lorenzana (wife of Pres' 1st counselor, Pres Lorenzana - far right), then Sisters Cain and Ete
with Sisters Veenker at far end and Sister Amparo next to her in white (both Sister Training Leaders)
then Sisters Plaizier and Minguito

L-R:  Sisters Amparo, Plaizier, Minguito, Pres and Sister Lorenzana, Sisters Cain, Ete and Veenker

The next day, at Transfer Meeting, our new arrivals got to meet  their trainer companions
(Please notice the glorious April blossoms surrounding the Washington D.C. Stake Center)

Sister Veenker will train Sister Ete

Sister Parabirsing will train Sister Cain

Sister Turley will train Sister Minguito

Sister Plaizier will be trained by Sister Hansen

Elder Haggard will be trained by Elder Harsten

Elder Coombs will train Elder Cowen

Elder Andrade will train Elder Pesantes

Elder Tutu'u will be trained by Elder Springer

P.S.   Don't mind Sister Cooke while she fusses around doing "Mom stuff"

I LOVE our new kids !

Saturday, May 23, 2015

April 2015 Departures

Back row L-R:  Elder Hall (far upper left corner) Elder Stevenson (on Pres' right), Elders Little, Jackman, Nollet and Ah Ching (on Pres' left)
Middle row L-R:  Elders Wood, Lim, Ng with me
Front row L-R:  Sisters Howe, Stauffer, Chapman and Lewis
all displaying their service coins for completing their missions in Washington D.C.North

Departure Dinner at the Mission Home includes
                   creating a page for our mission home scrapbook

Elder Hall

Sister Stauffer

Elder Little
Sister Lewis

Elder Stevenson

Elders Ng and Lim
Identifying a favorite scripture in the mission home's set

Sister Howe signs her favorite

Elder Lim enjoys finding the favorite marked by his friend and trainer, who went home earlier


L-R:  Sisters Lewis, Chapman, Stauffer and Howe with Elder Ng on the right

L-R:  Elders Ng, Stevenson, Wood, Nollet and Jackman

L-R:  Elders Ah Ching, Lim, Hall, Wendt and Little

Funny mission story sharing 

Sister Lewis

Sister Chapman

Elder Wood and Sister Stauffer

Elder Wendt is the storyteller here

Elders Little and Lim

Elder Stevensen

Elder Jackman

Even the APs, Elder Wilcox and Von Trapp, get a kick out of these stories

The evening ends with the presentation of service coins, each conveyed through a handshake (and a hug) from the President

A few parting words to these dear departing members of our Mission Family forever!

A few days later…
… those who didn't have family come pick them up

Back row L-R:  President, Elders Jackman, Nollet, Hall, Wendt, Little and Ng
Front row:  Me, Sisters Howe, Chapman, Lewis 

Missions  Accomplished !