Thursday, March 24, 2016

March 2016 Arrivals

This lucky group of new missionaries arrived just as Spring found its way to our mission and blessed us with blossoms galore!

Pictured here just coming out of the jetway at Reagan National Airport,
we paused to admire the blooming magnolia trees.
L-R:  Elder Monsen, Sister Rivas, me and my sweetie, Sister Hadley, Elders Davidson and Brown
 Adding Elder Omdahl to our group (second from the right), we bypassed taking the Metro this time and went outside instead to celebrate the long-awaited warm weather.

Dinner at the Mission Home

L-R:  Sister Training Leaders Washburn and Luna-Chico next to our two new Sisters Hadley and Rivas
President and Elder Blood (a new ASL Elder who came in a few days ago)
President and Sister Lorenzana (First Counselor in the Mission Presidency and right hand friends)
Sister Training Leaders Wilson and Nolte

L-R:  New Elder Omdahl (came in separately from the Mexico MTC)
Elders Monsen, Brown and Davidson

L-R:  New AP Elder Patchett, Elder Bleazard (ASL arrived a few weeks ago)
Elder Lyman (arrived a few days ago), our daughter Carrie
Home-Teaching AP Ord and AP Tanner

Then, in the middle of the night, we got one more addition:
Elder Whited (Visa-waiting for Italy)

Next Morning at the Blossom-rich Temple

Elder Whited

Sister Hadley

Sister Rivas

Elder Brown

Elder Monsen

Elder Omdahl

Elder Davidson

On to the DC Stake Center to meet their trainers

Elder Brown will be trained by Elder Sorensen

Elder Whited will be trained by Elder Lee

Elder Blaezard is training Elder Blood in the ASL program

Elder Lyman is being trained by Elder Shih in the Chinese program

Elder Davidson will be trained by Elder Mellon

Sister Johnson will train Sister Rivas

Sister Hadley will be trained by Sister B. Griffin (one of 3 Griffins in our mission!)

Elder Omdahl will be trained by Elder Tolk

Elder Chang will train Elder Monsen

Hallelujah !