Friday, March 6, 2015

March 2015 Arrivals: ALL SISTERS, 9 of them!

Fresh off the plane at Reagan National Airport

Front row L-R:  Sisters N.Wilson, Buhler, E.Wilson, Liou, Wu, McArthur
Back row L-R:  Sister Williams, the Pres and myself, Sisters Tuuhia and Griffin

Priming the ladies on our plans for the evening,
including how to talk to people on the DC Metro

Sister N.Wilson on the left and McArthur listen with Sister Training Leader Sister Lewis standing behind
while Sister E.Wilson stands next to the Pres

AP Elder Wilcox behind Sisters Williams, Buhler, N.Wilson, Lewis and McArthur

Sisters Tuuhia, Wu, Williams and Buhler

L-R: Half of Sister Griffin, then STLs Bertholon and Turley, next to Sisters Liou, Tuuhia and Wu 

Sisters Griffin, Bertholon, Turley, Liou and Tuuhia

We're off!
Sisters McArthur and Buhler are ready to talk with fellow Metro riders
(but they may have to find someone who's at least awake and not plugged in to their earphones)

Sisters Veenker, Buhler, McArthur and N.Wilson

LOOK AT US… crammed into the Metro elevator at the Forest Glen station
with 9 newbies, 4 Sister Training Leaders (including Sister Lewis, the long-armed, lovely-eyed selfie-shooter at the bottom of the photo) and the Pres and myself
at the end of their first mass transit experience in the great Washington DC area!

Emerging from the underground metro, L-R:  Sisters Buhler, Griffin, Chapman, Veenker, McArthur, (Pres), Wu, Tuuhia, Liou, N.Wilson, E.Wilson, Williams, Lewis, Bertholon and Turley

Arrival at the Temple Visitors' Center
Back row L-R:  Sisters Tuuhia, McArthur, Williams, President,and Sister Cooke, Sister Griffin
Front row L-R: Sisters Liou, N.Wilson, Buhler, Wu, E.Wilson
Welcome, new Sisters!

P.S.  Next morning's breakfast at the Mission Home
with help from Sisters Griffin and Williams

Sisters McArthur, Griffin, Liou, E.Wilson and Williams

Sisters Wu, N.Wilson and Buhler

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March 2015 Departures

Showing their service coins awarded to departing missionaries who have faithfully completed their service in the Washington D.C. North Mission, are (Back row L-R) Sisters Fafita, Busath, Griffiths and (back right two) Sisters Holland and Rowley.
The elders are (L-R):  Bodda, Porter,  Gold and Treasure

Relaxing at the Mission Home during Departures' Dinner

Elder Porter tells a favorite story of his mission while Sister Rowley thinks about it,
Sister Holland (L), Sister Busath (kneeling), Sister Fafita (back) and Sister Griffiths (right) listen

Next is Sister Rowley's turn

The President presents Elder Treasure's coin of service while Elder Porter watches on

Sister Griffiths receives her coin

Elder Gold

Elder Bodda receives his coin as APs Wilcox and VonTrapp watch on

Back:  Elder Porter, Sister Fafita, Pres and me, Sisters Busath and Holland with Rowley in front of them
Elders in front are Gold, Bodda and Treasure

That's a whole lot of our mission's personality getting on that airplane to leave!  

Adieu, dear friends.