Wednesday, July 10, 2013

First Encounters

This past week, we got our first look at the magnificent missionary force of the DC North Mission - divided into eight zones.  Just a handshake or a wave at this earliest encounter but we'll get to interview the missionaries individually this coming week.

                                                           Washington North Zone

                                                                        Seneca Zone

                                                           Silver Springs South Zone

                                                                      Anacostia Zone

                                                            Washington South Zone

                                                                    Suitland Zone

                                                             Silver Springs North Zone

This week, we were also blessed to attend our first three mission baptisms.

Baptism of Brother (Hermano) Jaime Garcia Reyes with Sisters Tuft, Brown, Shoemaker and Engman.

 Baptism of Brother Tyrese Gaither with Elders Shoemig, Squires, and Livingood next to me.

Baptism of Sister Tiffany Heath with Sisters Graff, Tembo and Bowman.

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