Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Interview Week

Thanks for your patience while we swim through our first month in the mission field and try to get our heads above water.  I hope to be more regular in updating this blog, but will only do so after our missionaries/your children as well as my own children have received the care they need from me.  I'm sure you agree.

Interviews... and the wait

 Our second week in the mission field, the President and I had the opportunity to interview every one of  our missionaries.  It was a wonderful experience to get to know each one individually and to realize the magnificence of this young force.  Most of all, we realized with total amazement that we honestly and deeply love each one of them already - and we've barely met them.  We could hardly stand to limit our time with each one to just a few minutes.  Can you imagine how our feelings will grow over time?!

Elder Gold was one of 134 WDCN missionaries we interviewed.
While they waited to be interviewed, the missionaries studied...

Elder Nelson and Elder Raasveld
They reviewed their planners...

Elder Gilbert and Elder Johnson
Elder Gardner and Elder Schow

Elder Arnett, Elder Wendt and Elder Rushton

Sister Kaarma and Sister Lavrentyeva

While the Assistants "checked up"...
AP Fisher with Elder Livengood

Elder Squires with AP Branning

Sister Tuft

And some "checked out" their cars.

Sister Brown

Night of Music and Inspiration 

The week ended with our spanish-speaking missionaries presenting a Sunday night program at the Visitors Center theater.

Elder Parker performed a personal composition

Sister Clement, Sister Carcamo and Sister Schoemaker

Sister Nakatsuka on the piano (for this and several other numbers)
Sister Balls on the viola, Sister Brown and Sister Engman singing

Elder Wood, Elder Cervantes, Elder Hatch, Elder Guerrero, Elder Malugin and Elder Flores
Elder Vaterlaus was on the piano 


  1. We stumbled upon your blog as we were investigating the area where my daughter will be serving. She just received her call on July 24th and leaves for the MTC September 25th. We are so excited that she will serving in the Washington DC North mission and look forward to following the successes of the mission through you.

    1. We can't wait to add your daughter to the greatest group of missionaries on earth!

  2. No pressure no stress. You take care of what you need to and the wait will teach patience for something grand. We support you and your family.

  3. Also, we want to thank you for keeping this blog up. Elder C Willis has been out in the field for one week. The pictures he sent this week of the mall were incredible. The stories he told in his email about serving in the Anacostia and the people who he serves there. He loves the people and loves his mission. Thanks for helping him live that dream. You're awesome! Proud parents of Elder C Willis.

    1. Thank you, my dear friend, Lee, both for your understanding and support and for sharing your son's positive first experiences. He is a gem - clearly a chip off the old block. We're incredibly grateful to have him here.