Monday, August 5, 2013

Our First Goodbyes

Although we had only known these three missionaries for less than a month, our family was amazed at how emotional it was for us to let them go.

Elder Kuddes, Sister Brown and Elder Lowry are our first missionaries to leave.
First we hosted them at the Mission Home to go through the memorabilia rituals...
... and then to make their own breakfast.

Elder Lowry

Elder Kuddes

Dynamic Cuisine Masters
Sister Brown has been a powerful influence on our Elizabeth.
Our 13-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, Elder Branning, the President, Elder Lowry, Sister Brown, Elder Kuddes and Elder Fisher.

One Week Later:

Starting a new tradition in this mission, adapted from the President's service in the military, he presented each departing missionary with a coin to commemorate their service in the Washington D.C. North Mission.

Elder Kuddes, Sister Brown, the President and Elder Lowry showing their newly gifted "service coins."

Final hugs and words of wisdom at the airport,
here with Elder Branning and Elder Kuddes...

... here from Elder Lowry to Elder Fisher.
We congratulate them on a job well done
and wish them all the best!


  1. What a great new tradition, those coins look incredible, Thanks for your service and example. Elder Stoor's Dad

  2. I got all teary-eyed when I got a good look at those coins. I still have 18 months until I get to see Elder Peterson's in person. They are gorgeous! What a great tradition to start!

  3. Coins! gotta love that. great tradition!

  4. Those coins are awesome!!! Love!!! Good to see Elder Kuddes! Elder Farley will miss him! Thanks for the pictures!! ~Sis. Farley

  5. Is there a way of getting ahold of sister brown? i met her in the visitors center last summer, and wanted to get in contact with her!!