Monday, September 9, 2013

September's Arrivals

Welcome to Washington D.C. 

We started this group of arrivals with a new adventure, 
bringing them home from Reagan International Airport 
by means of the Washington, D.C, METRO. 
Each missionary was given their own metro card 
and taught how to use it. 
The DC Metro is exceptionally clean, punctual and safe.

Sister Saviano, Elders Rushforth,  Greding,  Hurford-Reynolds, Shelton,
Sisters Austin and Taggert

They were also each given a Book of Mormon and challenged to hand it out during the trip to the Mission Home.    

Some of them already succeeded.
Train Change!
Sister Saviano, the President, Elder Cannon, Elder Hurford-Reynolds is hidden behind Elder Rushforth,
Sister Austin, Sister Taggert, Elder Shelton and Elder Greding

Orientation, Dinner and Testimony Meeting at the Mission Home

Sister Pearson - Office Assistant
Sister Helene Doue Thornton - Caterer
Sister Lorenzana - Assistant to Sister Cooke

Sister Pearson and Elder Fisher (A.P.)
conduct orientation training

(L to R clockwise)  Pres and Sister Lorenzana (1st Counselor to the Pres)
Our daughters, Elizabeth and Carolyn at the end, then Sisters Saviano, Taggert and Austin

(L to R) Elders Shelton, Cannon, Hurford-Reynolds, Rushforth,
J.S. Armstrong (in black jacket - the President's Exec. Sec'y) and Elder Little

Traditional Trip to the Temple

Elders (L to R) Cannon, Shelton, Little, the President, Elders Greding, Rushforth, Hurfold-Reynolds
Sisters (on my left) Taggert, Saviano, Austin

The President and I are SO impressed with this new group of missionaries.
They are blessed to have been sent here, and we are blessed to add them to our family!

A parting note ...

This is a performance back in July by all our Sisters and ten of our Elders, singing a special Missionary Medley that was arranged by John Sanders for the Cooke family's farewell and was dedicated to the great missionaries of the Washington D.C. North Mission.
This number was performed at the Visitors' Center on the occasion of my husband's and my introductory fireside, entitled "Why I Believe."  With only one combined rehearsal, it was my first inkling into the level of musical talent we have in this missionary force!
(Bravo to Sister Nakatsuka who can be heard - albeit not seen - on the piano accompaniment!)


  1. When I click on the video, it says "This Video is Private" and won't let it play :(

    Did anyone get video of the "Why I Believe" Fireside that occurred in the middle of August? My son, Elder Seely, performed and I'm dying to see/hear it!

    1. Go to Youtube to watch the video of the elder performing the Haka that is here on the blog site. Under it, it says "Cookecrew" and click subscribe. There are 2 videos uploaded and one is the Haka, and ther other is your son, Elder Seely!! You will be proud!

    2. THANK YOU! This just made my day (, week, year). He comes home in 5 weeks! I'm looking forward to a live performance (and a hug) very soon!

  2. And I also get "This Video is Private" when I want to watch the Missionary Medley video :(