Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Take Me Out to the Ballgame!"

In conjunction with Maryland's and Virginia's "Day of Service," a local area authority generously hosted both our mission and Washington D.C South at the Nationals game on Friday 9/18/13.

Between our two missions, we had several hundred energetic yet noticeably well-behaved missionaries in the stands.  We made quite an impression!

Elders Sum, Shelton, Chapman, Rushton, Arnett
and Sister Nakatsuka
Elders Carrera, Branning, Andrade and friends in back
Elders Lussier-Houle, Bledsoe, Fletcher and friends

Sisters Carcamo, Lavrentyeva and Owens in back
Sister Robertson and Jorgensen in the middle
Cassandra Miller bottom right

Elders Wood, Guerrero and Welch
Sister Schoemaker working her charm!  The ushers who were working our sections told us several times
that they had never been more impressed with such a big crowd of young people between 18 and 21.
Elder Peterson

Sister and Elder Porter

Elder Brown
Sister Nakatsuka with Sister Cooke in back,
Elders Sum and Arnett next to the President
with Sister Croese and our daughter, Carrie on his left

Our daughter Elizabeth (R)
with her friend from our ward, Cassandra Miller
Elders Andrade, Queen, Bledsoe, Nollet
  Sisters Tembo and Weber 

 Sisters Lavrentyeva, Cooke and Connelly

Elders Stevenson, Snow and Appiah
Elders Lussier-Houle, Queen, Fletcher, Bledsoe, Whitlock, Nollet and half of Jackman.

Carrie Cooke, Cassandra Miller, Elizabeth Cooke, Sisters Clement, Schoemaker and Cooke
Elders Arnett and Sum

 Most of us took the Metro to and from the stadium.

Shane Carver and our son Joe Cooke

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