Monday, March 17, 2014

Specialized Training for the February Arrivals

Back row with us:  Sisters Graff, Hansen, Turley, Phillips, Bascom, Johnson and Black
Front row:  Elders Simons, Johnson, Gold, Fisher, Tracy and Wood
Sisters Graff, Hansen and Phillips

Sisters Johnson and Black

Sisters Bascom and Turley

Elders Johnson and Wood

Elders Miyasaki and Simons

Elders Tracy, Gold and Giles

Sister Black
Sister Phillips

AP: Elder Giles
AP: Elder Miyasaki

Elders Johnson, Wood, Miyasaki

Sister Turley

Elders Fisher and Johnson

Elders Simons and Tracy

 Elder Gold's actual birthday
is on St. Patrick's Day!

Scripture chase in companionships using "Preach My Gospel" as the source.

Teams have to use one hand from each companion which calls for unity, unity, unity!

To test mastery of "The Joseph Smith Story," teams have to find phrases from a jumbled board, say them out loud in correct order while shooting a dart at the correct phrase, alternating between team members.

 The last skill test is to see how well companionships know their White Handbook.

Elders Giles and Miyasaki act out infractions of the White Handbook rules while companionships race to see which team can find the exact rule in the handbook first.

The Winners of Today's Competition, Sisters Black and Johnson, were awarded matching St. Paddy's Day scarves

Sister Johnson displays the mission song on her iPad.

On the lighter side, enjoying the Spirit of St. Patrick's


  1. These pictures are so fun to see. Thanks for adding to Elder "Gold's" celebration lol.

  2. Thank you for going to all the work to update this blog. We especially enjoyed seeing pictures of our son, Elder Johnson, this week. We're glad he is in the hands of fellow Aggies even while he is on his mission! Thanks for taking such good care of him!