Thursday, February 19, 2015

Specialized Training of January 2015 New Missionaries

Back row L-R:  President, Elders Herring, Lematua, Martindale, Levi, Perrin
Second from back L-R:  Sisters Cooke, Casteneyra, Kirkland, Sundwall, Kennerley, Caldwell, Martinez, Phillips
Second from front L-R:  Sisters Mateaki, Washburn, Del Bosque, Whiteford, Maire, Nolte
Front row L-R:  Sisters Brimhall, Caparas, Gordon, Higginson, Luna-Chico, Hord, Everton

Group discussions on aspects of
Adjusting to Missionary Life

Companion Scripture Chase
(using only one hand from each companion)

Sisters Caparas and Nolte

Sisters Washburn and Everton

Sisters Brimhall and Phillips

Elders Martindale and Perrin

Sisters Caldwell and Kennerley

Sisters Maire and Whiteford

This is how a threesome companionship does this brand of scripture study
Elders Levi, Lematua and Herring 

Elders Martindale and Perrin

Sisters Luna-Chico and Hord

Sisters Sundwall and Mateaki

Sisters Washburn and Everton

Sisters Brimhall and Phillips

Sisters Kirkland and Del Bosque

Competition of First Vision Recitation
Shooting darts at the sequential phrases of the First Vision story scrambled on a board

Sisters Everton and Washburn start to unscramble phrases
while Elder Wilcox looks on

Sisters Gordon and Higginson respond
under  Elder Von Trapp's watch 

Sisters Gordon and Higginson get the hang of it

Sisters Luna-Chico and Hord

Elder Von Trapp with Sisters Maire and Whiteford

And the winners of this round are… Sisters Everton and Washburn!

Skits by APs that test
companionships' mastery of the white handbook

Sisters Hord and Luna-Chico take on the opposing team of Sisters Washburn and Everton
with APs Wilcox and VonTrapp refereeing 
At the end of the day,
the winning prize of new scarves goes to
Sisters Luna-Chico and Hord

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