Sunday, April 5, 2015

Specialized Training for March 2015 Arrivals

At the quaint Chevy Chase chapel in Bethesda, Maryland,
our newest arrivals and their training companions
gathered for specialized training
as the very first blossoms of 2015 finally began to open.
Back row L--R:  Sisters Griffin and Kohler next to the Cookes
Second to last row: Sister Chapman (grey & white stripes), Sisters N. Wilson and E. Wilson, Black, Tuuhia and Thurber
Second to front row: Sister Veenker, Griffin, Wu
Front row:  Sisters Buhler, Hermosillo, Liou, Wathen, Williams, McArthur and Edwards

Companion Scripture Chase
(A team may only use one hand from each companion in finding a scriptural answer to frequently asked investigators' questions)

Sisters E.Wilson, Kohler

Sisters Black, Wu

Sisters Veenker and Buhler

Sisters Tuuhia and Hermosillo
Sisters E.Wilson and Kohler

Sisters Williams and Wathen

Reciting the Joseph Smith story by finding (shooting) the phrases in correct sequence from a jumbled board

AP Elder Wilcox explains the rules of the game to competing companionships
Sisters Veenker and Buhler on the left facing off against Sisters Wu and Black on the right

And they're off and shooting, racing to see which team will complete the correct recitation first!

Sisters Black and Wu with Sister Hermosillo watching

Add AP Elder Von Trapp

Sisters Kohler and E. Wilson suffer no handicap from a broken, casted arm

But Sisters Griffin and Chapman were so quick to finish that we didn't even get a picture of them shooting!

The final competition entails finding the applicable rule in the white handbook that addresses a questionable situation acted out by the APs

The final winners with their matching scarf prize

Lunch !

L-R:  Sisters Tuuhia, Wu, McArthur, Griffin
Our beloved member/caterers, Helene and Sam Thornton
Sisters Hermosillo, Thurber and N. Wilson

L-R:  Sisters Black and Kohler with the Pres, then Sisters Wu, E. Wilson, Liou, Edwards and Tuuhia

L-R:  Sisters Williams, Chapman, Buhler, Elder Von Trapp, Sisters Veenker, Griffin and Wathen

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