Sunday, November 3, 2013

October's New Arrivals

Here are the first lucky thirteen of our October new arrivals,
fresh off the plane at Reagan National Airport,
ready to board the Metro with Books of Mormon in hand.
Front two sisters, Busath and Rowley
Middle row sisters, Fafita, Lewis, Chapman, Holland and Griffiths
Back row elders, Reedy, Tilby, Wright, Jamias, Buonocore and Perrin
Elder Reedy is ready

Luggage loaded in the van, the President, Assistants, and Sister Training Leaders launch the adventure with prayer in the parking lot. 

Sister Cooke explains how to use the Washington D.C. Metro

Sisters Griffiths, Holland, Rowley and Lewis
with Elders Perrin and Buonocore
Sisters Busath, Rowley and Griffiths
Elder Wright and Elder Fisher
(with Elder Perrin peeking in)
On deck for the Red Line to Forest Glen…

Sister Cooke, Elders Buonocore, Reedy, Tilby, President, Branning, Jamias, Perrin, Wright & Fisher

On the Metro, Assistants Miyasaki and Jelitto along with  
Sister Training Leaders Word and Bowman look on ...

Elder Perrin has already found someone to talk with on the right
while Elder Jamias is ready to pounce on the left.
… while the new Elders look for people to approach.

A couple of the Elders placed their books during the transfer at Fort Totten. 

 Forest Glen - the Metro stop closest to 
"our" Washington D.C. Temple

October 2013
Where the new sisters met the Directors of the Visitors' Center, Elder and Sister Eyring

Sisters Griffiths, Fafita, Busath, the Eyrings, Sister Holland (behind), Sister Rowley (in front), Sisters Chapman & Lewis
Then on to the Mission Home 
for orientation, dinner and testimonies.

Elders Gerber-Kai, Reedy, Buonocore, Tilby, Harston and Rummler

Elders Perrin, Jamias and Gomez

Elders Anderson and Wright

Sisters Holland and Griffiths

Sisters Lewis and Chapman

The President welcomes the new group and other staff to the Mission Home for a testimony meeting

This lucky group of new missionaries enter the mission at a magnificent time of year
 when the change of seasons is breath-taking.
Welcome to Washington D.C. North!


  1. We are so grateful to know that our daughter is in such good and loving hands. She has already expressed her deep love for you, President and Sister Cooke.

  2. We are so pleased to have Sister Rowley on our team. She is fabulously talented and wonderfully willing. Thank you for raising her, preparing her and sending her our way. She will be a great help to me since I am a very beginning blogger. I'm excited for her mentorship. Love, Sister Cooke

  3. President Cooke, This is Steve Flammer, former missionary to Hungary. While there my wife and I had the opportunity to get to know Edler Szabo, and I would appreciate it so much if you could extend our love to him and tell him we are back in the states. We would love to hear from him. Our prayers and best wishes are always with the missionaries of this church., Thanks.

  4. President Cooke, I am looking for Elder Lynn Dittman and Sister Terry Dittman, senior missionaries. My sister is married to Elder Dittman's brother, and I just found out they are serving in Maryland. I live in Virginia and I would like to say hello to them. Are they in your mission?