Monday, October 7, 2013

Specialized Training for September Arrivals

Our most recent arrivals and their trainers met for specialized training
at the historic Chevy Chase ward building.

Back Row:  Elders Little and Christensen, President Cooke,  Elders Queen, Anderson, Whitlock, Eshiet,
 Hurford-Reynolds, Watts, Greding and Branning
Middle Row:  Sisters Cooke, Kaarma, Taggert, Tuft, Austin, Saviano and Balls
Front Row (those whose thighs were burning!): Elders Jelitto, Miyasaki, Shelton, Chapman, Cannon, Tanner, Rushforth

Scripture Chase in Companionships

Elders Jelitto and Miyasaki
give sample questions that might come up from investigators and see which companionship can find an appropriate scriptural answer first...

... while locking arms and using one hand from each companion.

L to R: Elders Rushforth and Tanner, Sisters Saviano and Balls, Elders Eshiet and Queen, Elders Hurford-Reynolds and Whitlock

Elders Rushforth and Tanner

Sisters Balls and Saviano
Elders Eshiet and Queen

Elders Hurford-Reynolds and Whitlock

Elders Cannon and Anderson
Elder Shelton in back, Elders Christensen and Little

Elders Shelton and Chapman

Elders Watts and Greding

In this mission, we ALL conduct!

Sister Cooke feels strongly that, in our high-profile mission, EVERY missionary needs to be prepared to lead a hymn on a moment's notice. 

 President Cooke Instructs on 

Dealing with Stress 

Elders Whitlock, Shelton and Christen

Sisters Austin, Taggert and Saviano

Group Discussions and Role Playing

Sisters Taggert, Austin and Tuft

Elders Eshiet and Queen

Elder Hurford-Reynolds and Sister Balls

Elders Whitlock and Hurford-Reynolds

Elders Tanner and Rushforth

Elder Chapman

Elders Anderson and Cannon
Elders Eshiet and Queen

Know Your White Handbook

Senior AP Elder Fisher gives scenarios that arise in the everyday life of a missionary while companionship teams race to find answers for appropriate responses in "the white Bible"
(aka the Missionary Handbook).

The First Vision Memorization Test

While the President looks on, companionship teams race to recite the First Vision by finding one phrase at a time in sequential order from all those pinned randomly on the board and then, alternating between companions, shooting a dart at the next phrase in the proper order.

Elders Greding and Watts get briefed by Elder Jelitto before they dual against the sisters

And the winners were.....

??????? NOT!

YEP !!

Sisters Saviano and Balls were the champions!

Lunch, at last!

Parting Note:

Sister Clement is an amazing songwriter.  Here she performs a ballad she wrote (with her ukelele) to welcome new additions to the Sisterhood of Washington DC North Mission.
(Sister Aldridge is her side-kick.)

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