Monday, December 2, 2013

November's New Arrivals

 We welcomed a crew of fabulous new arrivals this past week.

Back Row L-R:  Elders Loftus and Taylor, the President, Elders Springer and Ekberg
Middle Row L-R:  Elders Elliott, Archibald, Hartzog, Paul, Ortega, Thornton and Humphrey
Sisters Stauffer, Howe, Cooke

We went straight from the airport to the Metro,
where everyone got their first chance to mingle with the locals and try to place a Book of Mormon and pass-along cards.

Dinner, interviews and testimony meeting at the Mission Home:

Elders Hartzog, Springer, Taylor and Loftus

Elders Hartzog and Springer
Elders Taylor and Loftus

Elders Archibald and Elliott

Elders Paul, Ekberg, Miyasaki and Ortega

Elders Jelitto, Thornton and Humphrey

Breakfast before heading into the temple and visitors' center:

"Transfer Meeting" at the Visitors' Center:

We already love this new crew of exceptional missionaries.  Glad to have them here for the holidays!

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  1. Love these missionaries and their desire to serve! Great looking bunch of missionaries! The army of Helaman is getting stronger! Thanks for taking them in and loving them as your own!