Monday, January 20, 2014

First 2014 Arrivals

Welcome to our January Arrivals

Back Row L to R:  Sisters Bascom, Marambio, Bertholon, Sister and Pres Cooke, Sisters Veenker and Checketts, Elders Wang, Zollinger, Redmond and Smith
Front Row L to R:  Elders Melander, Dahl, Jensen and Collins
Reagan National Airport and the Luggage Grab

Dinner and Testimony Meeting at the Mission Home

Clockwise from bottom left:  Sisters Bascom, Bertholon, Elizabeth and Carrie Cooke, Sister Bullock (a trainer),
Sister Veenker, Sister Tuft (a trainer), Sisters Marambio and Checketts

L to R: Elders Jensen, Melander, Collins, Zollinger, Smith, Wang, Miyasaki and Dahl

Sister Checketts

Sister Bascom

Sister Marambio

Sister Veenker

Sister Bertholon

Elder Collins

Elder Jensen

Elder Melander

Elder Dahl

Elder Smith

Elder Wang

Next Morning:  Breakfast and Training

Elders Melander, Collins and Dahl jumped right in making breakfast 

(Former) APs Jelitto and Miyasaki training

Sister Bascom and Elder Wang

Sister Marambio
Sisters Checketts and Veenker

Visitors' Center to Meet New Companions/Trainers

As the President reads off the companionships, new Elders wait to meet their trainers while Elder Brown (with his back to the camera) greets his new trainee, Elder Melander
Elder Lim welcomes Elder Wang
Elder Cervantes will train Elder Zollinger

Elder Mecham receives Elder Smith
Elder Anderson welcomes Elder Dahl
Elder Wilcox and Elder Jensen

Elder Palmer and Elder Collins
Elders Jensen and Wilcox;  Elders Palmer and Collins
Elder Cervantes, Sisters Connolly and Johnson and Elder Melander

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