Monday, January 27, 2014

Specialized Training of January's New Arrivals and Trainers

Back row L to R:  Elders Palmer, Wang, Lim, Wilcox, Jensen, Redmond, Peterson, Melander
Seated on stage L to R: Elders Anderson, Dahl, Collins, Zollinger, Cervantes, Mecham, Smith Brown
Back row of sisters L to R: Sisters Veenker, Kohler, Marambio, Chappell, Croese, Bertholon
Front row L to R: Sisters Johnson, Bascom, Cooke, President, Sisters Checketts, Connolly

Learning to Lead a Hymn

Instruction, Discussion and Role-Playing

Lunch, at last!

Companionship Competition:

Scripture Chase in "Preach My Gospel" using one hand from each companion

Finding separated phrases from the First Vision and 
shooting them in order.

Finding the appropriate rule in the White Handbook

Presenting the Winning Team… with their purple victory ties!

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