Thursday, February 20, 2014

February 2014 Departures Evening at the Mission Home

Valentines' Day Celebration of 
Eleven Missionaries Finishing Valiantly

While they rotate through their departing interviews with the President, each missionary creates a scrapbook page for our Book of Remembrance.

J.S. Armstrong (Pres' Exec. Sec'y) and Elder Schoemig
Elder Vaterlaus

Elder Peterson

Sisters Tuft, Bullock and Nakatsuka
 After dinner, we go around the room hearing everyone's favorite "mission war story"

Elder Centeno
Sister Nakatsuka
Sister Bullock
Elder Lanham

Sister Clement
Elder Peterson

Elder Lanham

Sister Bullock, Elders Peterson, Vaterlaus and Centeno

Sisters Tuft and Clement

Elder Moss

Elder Centeno

Elder Schoemig

Elder Vaterlaus
Elder Winkler

I congratulate them on nobly completing this "victory lap"
which will launch them on to their next adventures

The President explains the service coins
he is about to present
Elders Moss, Schoemig and Peterson

Each coin is delivered through a handshake

Our dear friends, Sister & Elder Neibaur, also get coined
as they complete their invaluable service in the mission office

 Singing the Mission Song:  "Testify of Me"
Elders Moss, Schoemig, Peterson, Centeno, Vaterlaus, Winkler and Lanham

Sisters Tuft, Clement and Bullock
Sisters Tuft, Clement and Nakatsuka

"We are family….. I got my four sistas and me!"
PLEASE go to the CookeCrew YouTube channel to watch these ladies' parting ballad,
"Don't Worry; Be Happy."

J.S. Armstrong has a long tradition (several decades, in fact)
of sharing generously with the missionaries
his Brooks Brother ties and See's Chocolates!

Parting Note
The President and I are hugely blessed to have the services and friendship of
J.S. Armstrong and Sister Connell in numerous administrative responsibilities.
They are each superb!  


  1. I am new to this blog, since my son just arrived this week to your mission family. I look forward to watching our new mission family grow over the next 2 years. I have read every blog entry posted so far, and I love every single one!

    1. You are very kind to encourage me, Candace. With the missionaries now putting their own pictures on Facebook, I've lost a lot of my incentive to keep up on this blog, so it's good to know anyone still looks at it. Who is your son?

  2. Dear President and Sister Cooke,
    Sister Kelsey Bullock returned home and is doing well! Thank you for your care and concern for her as she served in the WDCN mission! I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the blog updates! Thank you!

    Kristan Bullock
    PS I look forward to meeting you!

    1. Oh my goodness, I love your daughter!!! I've asked her to please keep us updated on the engagement and your upcoming trip back east. Can't wait to meet you!

  3. We continue to faithfully read this blog and all the posts and watch all the videos. Elder Jacob Peterson doesn't post too many pictures to Facebook, so this is fabulous! Thank you for this valuable link to the mission and all the crazy happenings! We look forward to shaking hands with you (and probably hugging you) next year! Looks like now there is only one Elder Peterson serving in DC North!! We love you!