Monday, July 6, 2015

May 2015 Arrivals

They're Here!
Pictured here at the airport, just before boarding the Metro.

Back row L-R:  Elders Sekeme, Demill, President, Davison, Fitzgerald and Tuffly
Front row L-R:  Sisters So, Cooke, Parker and Gonzalez

And then on to our spectacular Temple:

Back row L-R:  Elders Sekeme, Davison, President, Tuffly, Fitzgerald and Demill
Front row L-R:  Sister Ellsworth (who had arrived one week earlier), Sisters So, Gonzalez, Parker and Cooke

Next to the Mission Home for Dinner and Interviews

Bottom left, clockwise:  Sister Gordon - Sister Training Leader, Sister So, Sister Gonzalez, Sister Bertholon - Sister Training Leader, Elder Sekeme, Elders Perrin and Von Trapp and Wilcox - APs, Sister Maughan - Sister Training Leader, Sister Parker and Sister Ellsworth

Bottom left, clockwise:  Elder Fitzgerald, Elder and Sister Schroer from the Mission Office, President and Sister Lorenzana from the Presidency of the Mission, Elders Demill, Tuffly and Davison

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