Thursday, October 29, 2015

Specialized Training of the September Arrivals

The Chevy Chase Chapel in Fall Feuillage!

There could be no better setting for training.

Back row L-R:  Sisters Buhler and Martinez, me and the President, Elders Brown, Shirley and Payne
Middle row:  Sisters Pacheco, Mecham, Liou, Acosta, Larson, Lau and Johnson
Front row (holding admirable deep squats!): Elders Jenks, Call and Warnes

No one planned for AP Ord to have such lovely sister company during lunch.
He honestly just took the only seat left!
(With Sisters Buhler, Larson, Pacheco, Mecham and Martinez)

Front (clockwise):  Elders Coombs, Warnes, Brown, Payne, Brown, Jenks, Shirley and Call

L-R:  Sisters Johnson and Lau, President and AP Herring, Sisters Liou and Acosta

I'm grateful that to Elder Ord, our master photographer, for helping us stay "chill."

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  1. oooohh i dig the new spot for pictures!! cute little bridge looks so good with all the trees!