Thursday, April 14, 2016

Training the March Arrivals

On a gorgeous spring morning in Chevy Chase, Maryland,
trainers brought their trainees together for Specialized Training II.
Back L-R:  Elders Mellen, Lyman, Shih, Davidson, President, Brown, Blood, Whited, Sorensen
Middle L-R:  Sisters Rivas, Johnson, Cooke, Griffin, Hadley
Front L-R:  Elders Tolk, Omdahl, Smuin, Chang, Monsen, Lee

One of the ways we train is to have companionships race to find a scripture that answers a question an investigator may present.
The tricky part is that the companionship can only use one set of scriptures
 and one of each of their hands, requiring a very unified effort
where the two individuals must become one team with one purpose to succeed.

Then we run the same exercise with the White Handbook, 
where the Assistants act out a violation of missionary rules 
and the companionships race to see who can find the applicable guideline first.

Lunch !

To test their mastery of the First Vision 
as well as their comp-unity,
we have the winning teams from the earlier two competitions 
go to a last round of shooting darts at the applicable phrases of the First Vision 
in proper sequence and with relative shooting accuracy 
at a white board where the phrases are posted in random order.

APs Tanner and Patchett guide the competitors
while the rest of the group monitors the accuracy of the sequence of phrases being "shot."
Elders Blood and Smuin
Elders Tolk and Omdahl with APs Patchett and Tanner

And the winners are...

Elders Omdahl and Tolk !

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  1. Great job Guys , I love to see my Daughter growing up in the gospel. We love you Sister Rivas