Sunday, October 5, 2014

Community Service at "A Wider Circle"

Some of our missionaries had the opportunity to participate with a community organization that provides support to local families struggling to escape poverty.  Our job was to organize donation items. We had some serious fun!

L-R:  Sisters Black, Rowley, Weber and Lewis

L-R:  Sister Veenker, Elder Gerber-Kia, Sister Saviano, Sister Hord, Elder Nollet, Sister Stauffer and Sister Holland
Elders Farley, Stanley, Loveless and Taylor

Elder Horowitz

Elders Hart and Taylor

Elder Bledsoe

Elder Lussier-Houle

Elder Whitlock

Elder Madsen (looking away) and Elder He

Elder Madsen

Elders Hurford=Reynolds, Springer and ?

Elders Stubbs and Brian

Elder Stanley

Elder Andrade

L-R: Elders Malugin, Monsia, Farley, Loveles and Thornton

Elders Broadhead and Proudfoot

L-R:  Sister Rowley, Elder Gerber-Kia, Sister Lewis, Elder Nollet, ?, and Elder Queen

Sisters Black and Weber with Elder Stanley

Elder Queen and Sister Rowley plus Elder Nollet and Sister Lewis

Elder Herring

Elder Swensen

Elders Dahl and Little pointing to Elder Stevenson

Elders Guerrero and Hartzog

Elder Stevenson

Sister Stauffer and Hord

Elder Herring

Elders Loveless, Farley, Parlogean and President Cooke

Elders Jensen and Owens

Elders Jensen and Parlogean

Elders Owens (looking in the truck), Shelton, Hansen (peeking over the clothing), Richmond, Jensen and VonTrapp (grinning on the far right)

Elders Hansen and Peterson

Sister Griffiths

Elder Buonocore

Elder Shelton

Sisters Kirkland and Hansen

Elders Parker, Hurford-Reynolds, and Harston

Sisters Phillips and Edmonds

Elders Loveless and Farley

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