Thursday, October 9, 2014

Specialized Training of the September 2014 Arrivals

Our September Arrivals
Gathered with their Trainer/Companions
for Specialized Training Activities
in October

Front row L-R:  Elders Richards, Winn, Blackner, Ah-Ching
Front row of sisters L-R:  Sisters Wathen, Rowley, Howe, Caldwell, Everton, Maughan, Moore, Hermosillo
Back row of sisters L-R:  Sisters Busath, Castaneyra, Kirkland, Sundwall, Lewis, Taggart, Griffiths, Bertholon
Back row L-R:  Elders Mayta, Lussier-Houle, Patchett, Pres and Sister Cooke, Elder Lines

Sisters Fifita, Rowley and Taggart

Elder Owens, Sister Moore, Carrie Cooke, Sister Whiteford and Pres Cooke

Elders Lussier-Houle and Squire

Elder Ah-Ching and Sister Kirkland

Sisters Castaneyra and Sundwall

Elder Richards, Sisters Hermosillo and Maughan

Sisters Lewis, Howe, Everton and Elder Mayta

Sister Hermosillo, Elders Richards and Patchett

Sisters Taggart and Everton

Sisters Castaneyra and Kirkland

Sisters Maughn and Griffiths next to Sisters Wathen and Rowley followed by Sisters Caldwell and Howe

Sisters Wathen and Rowley

Elders Blackner and Owens

Sisters Castaneyra and Kirkland

Sisters Hermosillo and Busath

Sisters Sundwall and Lewis

Elders Patchett and Ah-Ching

Sisters Hermosillo and Busath

Sisters Taggart, Everton, Castaneyra and Kirkland

Elders Richards and Squire
APs Elders Malugin and Farley
explaining the next activity, White Handbook chase

Sisters Everton and Taggart

Sisters Sundwall and Lewis

Sisters Sundwall and Lewis doing the Handbook Chase
while our daughter, Carrie, takes pictures

Sisters Lewis and Sundwall finding applicable rules in  the White Handbook

The victors wearing their championship prize

The APs explain "The First Vision" marksmanship competition

Sisters Hermosillo and Busath

Elder Farley trying to help them reload

Sisters Sundwall and Lewis

Reset for another round

Sisters Bertholon and Moore

L to R:  Sisters Bertholon, Moore, Maughan, Griffiths, Kirkland, Casteneyra,  Howe and Caldwell

Sisters Sundwall, Lewis, Carrie Cooke, Sisters Rowley, Wathen, Hermosillo, Busath and Everton
(plus Elder Mayta)

Elders Owens, Blackner, Patchett, Mayta, Lines, Lussier-Houle, Winn and Ah Ching

Elders Lines, Lussier-Houle, Winn, Ah Ching, Owens, Blackner, Patchett, Mayta

Sisters Wathen, Hermosillo, Busath, Everton, Sundwall, Lewis, Carrie Cooke, Sister Rowley

Sisters Kirkland, Casteneyra, Howe, Caldwell, Bertholon, Moore, Maughan, Griffiths

Elder Richards, Sister Whiteford, Elder Winn, Sister Fafita, President Cooke

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