Friday, October 31, 2014

October 2014 Arrivals

A Great New Crew

Front L-R:  Elders Sudweeks, Ferlo, Huber and Price
Middle L-R:  Sisters Meredith, Kohler, Gordon and Edwards
Back L-R:  Sisters Thurber and Simpson with Pres and Sis Cooke
Upon arrival at Reagan National Airport, 
we stash luggage in Assistant-driven trailers, 
and head for the Metro, accompanied by Sister Training Leaders.
Same new arrivals with Assistants: Elders Hansen, Farley and Malugin (far left)
and Sister Training Leaders: Sister Croese (on Pres' right) and Sister Turley (next to Sister Croese) and Sister Taggart (bottom right corner)
Forest Glen is our arrival spot to visit the temple.

Everyone poses for a picture in front of our glorious temple

The next day, new missionaries are paired up with their companion Trainers.
Elder Treasure trains Elder Sudweeks

Sister Austin trains Sister Simpson

Elder Willis trains Elder Huber

Sister Connelly trains Sister Kohler

Elder Hurford-Reynolds trains Elder Price

Sister Saviano trains Sister Thurber

Sister Veenker trains Sister Gordon

Sister Stauffer trains Sister Meredith

Elder Jamias trains Elder Ferlo

Sister Bertholon trains Sister Edwards

Welcome to
The Greatest Mission in the History of Life!

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