Saturday, July 25, 2015

July 2015 Arrivals

Back row of Elders L-R:  Elders Zocca, Torgerson, Palmer, President, Elders Rowley, Jenks
Middle row L-R:  Sister Cooke, Case, Mecham, Urbina, Gomez, Acosta, Klaass
Front row L-R:  Elders WIlliams, Tolk, Bell, Chang, French

Getting prepped to get on the DC Metro

"Working" the Metro
Sisters Acosta and Gomez with Sister Training Leader Sister Wathen and Sister Urbina on the right

Note in the picture below, all three of the new arrivals have bravely chosen to sit next to unsuspecting passengers.

Within just a few minutes, every new missionary has engaged their fellow passengers in conversation, working to get that discussion into the Gospel so they can share a card or a Book of Mormon before their new acquaintance gets off the Metro.

Sister Gomez

Sister Training Leader Sister Amparo gets their new friend to accept a Book of Mormon

Posing for Portraits at the Temple Visitors' Center
Back row L-R:  Elders Zocca, Torgersen, Jenks, President, Elders Rowley, Palmer
Middle row L-R:  Sisters Case, Mecham, Urbina, Gomez, Acosta, Klaass, Sister Cooke
Front row L-R:  Elders Williams, Tolk, French, Chang, Bell

 Welcome Evening at the Mission Home

President Cooke with Sisters Mecham, Klaass, Urbina and Sister Training Leader Sister Amparo

APs Elders Perrin and Von Trapp on either side of new arrival Elder Tolk

Sister Training Leaders Amparo and Maughan with new arrival Sister Case

New AP Elder Ord with new arrival Elder Chang

Sisters Case, Urbina, Gomez, and Sister Training Leader Sister Gordon and Sister Parker

Elders Bell, French and Williams

Elders Williams, Jenks and Rowley

Elders Rowley, Torgerson, Palmer and Zocca

Elder Zocca with President and Sister Lorenzana

Meeting their Trainers

Elder Williams will train Elder Bell

Sister Washburn will train Sister Case

Elder Tracy will train Elder French

Sister Plazier will train Sister Acosta

Elder Liang will train Elder Chang

Sister Klaass will be trained by Sister Simpson

Elder Zollinger will train Elder Palmer

Elder Jenks will be trained by Elder Crandall

Elder Johnson will train Elder Rowley

Sister Minguito will train Sister Gomez

Sister Mecham will be trained by Sister Casteneyra

Elder Jensen will train Elder Torgerson

Elder La Rotta will train Elder Zocca

Elder Williams will be trained by Elder Greding

A few days later,
we received 3 elders waiting for VISAs to Angola
(Portugese speaking)
At the airport, the President and I welcomed Elders Parker, Davis and Dawson
for an undefined temporary assignment to our mission while they await their VISAs to Angola

We LOVE VISA-Waiters!

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