Thursday, July 16, 2015

Specialized Training for the May Arrivals

 Trainers and Trainees
Back row L-R:  Elders Price, Archibald, Timmerman, Tuffly and Winn
Middle row L-R:  President, Elders Demill, Harrison, Davison, Fitzgerald, Sekeme, Tilby and Sister Cooke
Front row L-R:  Sisters Whiteford, Parker, Wilson, Gonzalez, Su, Kennerly and Black
Companion Scripture Chase
Sisters Kennerly, Black and So

Elders Sekeme and Winn

Elders Demill and Price

Elders Tuffly and Tilby

Elders Fitzgerald and Timmerman
in front of Elders Archibald, Davison and Harrison

White Handbook Chase

Elders Price and Demill

First Vision Recitation Challenge
AP Elder Von Trapp oversees Elders Demill and Price
while Elders Tilby and Tuffly watch

AP Elder Perrin oversees Elders Archibald and Davison

New iPads for New Trainees

Sister Parker

Sister So receives her iPad while her trainer Sister Kennerly watches

Elder Fitzgerald with his new iPad, next to his trainer, Elder Timmerman

Hermana Wilson approves as her trainee Hermana Gonzalez opens her iPad

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