Monday, February 24, 2014

Feb 2014 Transfer/Testimony Meeting

The line-up of departing missionaries waiting their turn to testify included (from far left on front row)
Elder Peterson, Sisters Bullock, Clement, Nakatsuka and Tuft,
Elders Schoemig, Lanham, Neibaur, Winkler and Centeno

 We said Good-bye to four fabulous "Seasoned Couples" as well as eleven youngsters.
Elder and Sister Jackson

Sister and Elder Porter
Elder and Sister Neibaur


                   The Siegs were the fourth couple,
                but were not able to attend this meeting.
Sisters Clement and Nakatsuka watch Sister Bullock

Sister Bullock
Sister Clement
Sisters Bullock, Clement and Tuft
Sister Nakatsuka

Sister Tuft

Sisters Bullock, Clement and Nakatsuka

Elder Peterson

Elder Vaterlaus

Elder Schoemig

Elder Lanham

Elder Winkler
Elder Centeno

Elders Winkler and Centeno

Elder Winkler next to the Neibaurs

The final singing of the Mission Song

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