Sunday, February 2, 2014

iPads for All of our Missionaries

 We're Making History!

Elders Hatch, Guerrero, Hartzog, Dahl, Anderson, Sisters Chappell and Marambio

We are one of the few missions worldwide chosen to pilot the revolutionary approach to missionary work of giving each missionary a specially-designed iPad.

Elder Thornton
Sisters Bertholon and Croese
At this week's zone conferences, our missionaries were instructed on the importance of staying focused on their purpose and were trained on the use of this amazing device.
Sisters Rowley, Mendenhall, Fafita and Balls

From R to L:  Elders Hunt, Shelton, Munoz, Porter, Loftus

The Missionary Department pre-trained a core group of our mission leadership. They then became the specialized trainers for the rest of the mission.
Elder Miyasaki- L and Elder Centeno- R training
Sisters Carcamo, Bullock, Holland and Elders Moss, Rummler, Parlogean

Elder Giles training with Elder Centeno
Sister Clement

Elder Malugin
Sister Shaw training
Elder Ng smiling
Elder Miyasaki
Sister Clement

Sister Shaw

Elder Giles and Sister Clement

Sister Tuft training
Elder Fuller (front left), Elder Hart, Sisters Veenker and Kohler, Elder Bodda and Elder Cannon (front right)
Sister Shaw training
Sister Smith
Elder Malugin

Elder Centeno training
Elders Rushforth- L and Peterson- R
Elder Manning 

Elder Centeno working with
Elders Owens and Tilby

Elder Carrera
Elder Springer

Elder Rushforth

Elder Lanham

Elder Malugin...

… getting it done!

Elder Hart expressing everyone's excitement
with Elder Fuller and Sister Veenker watching on
Families and friends should be aware that use of these iPads does not change mission rules regarding emailing home and use of the internet generally.  Please help your missionaries be true to the integrity they have pledged.

Traditional Celebration of Birthdays for Jan, Feb and March:

 The choice of a birthday tie or scarf is no small matter.

Sister Clement
The GQ Birthday Boys:
Elders Greding, Farley, Bodda, Gold and He

Pres, Elders Craner, Gold, Farley, Chapman, Bodda
Elder Lanham

Elder He
Elders Vaterlaus, Lanham, Greding, Manning, Tilby, He, Stevenson
with Elders Peterson and Owens in front
Elders Gold, Farley, Chapman, Bodda, Vaterlaus, Lanham, Greding, Manning

We sing our thanks to the Relief Society sisters who generously prepare our zone conference lunches

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