Monday, February 10, 2014

February FHE at the Mission Home

Elders Tavana and Thornton gave a great lesson on Faith

Elder Malugin discussing his perspective on Faith
Using their new iPads to teach
 The lesson concluded with a vintage Tavana-Trick:

Sisters Lewis and Smith explain the games

Howard Cooke doing the Oreo Slide

Elder Giles emptying a kleenex box…
… ahead of Elder Centeno

Sister Lewis demonstrating the M&M moving game

Elders Giles and Swensen
Member Scott
Elder Thornton

Elder Willis leading the closing song

Elders Swensen and Raasveld using iPads for the hymn

Elders Tavana, Centeno and Malugin

Sisters Lewis and Smith

Parting Note:        The beauty of our east-coast ice storms

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