Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Arlington - The Semi-Annual Pilgrimmage

With the east coast autumn feuillage in all its splendor, 
we carried on a tradition of this mission... 

… to take those missionaries who will be leaving the mission
 within the coming six months 
for a special visit to Arlington National Cemetery.

At the Visitors' Center entry point, the President shared some personal insights into the significance of this sacred site.

And our reverent trek began…

 At the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier,

we were inspired by the dignity and discipline of the "Old Guard."

Elder Schoemig penned this verse in his planner as he watched the changing of the Guard:

"This hallowed ground of Tomb Unknown is guarded by the world unshown
and one brave soldier takes his place amongst God's noblest, holy ranks."
Elders Synelnikov and Schoemig

Then we were favored to an insight into the Old Guard's quarters with an explanation of the demands of that duty.

We made our way next to the Arlington House.

Sister Bullock is a direct descendent of Robert E Lee

Elder Winkler shot many of the best photos in this post.

Reverence began to relax a bit...


We made our way soberly to the Kennedy Memorial, 
almost exactly fifty years after his death.

This was the favorite spot of Arlington chosen by our three "Eastern Block" missionaries,
Elder Szabo, Sister Lavrentyeva, and Elder Synelnikov

We ended our tour of Arlington at the 
"Women in Military Service in America" Memorial

My thanks to Elder Winkler for carrying the camera and contributing many of the best photos above.

Participants in the Fall 2013 Pilgrimmage

Leaving this month:
Back L-R: Elders Morris, Lott, Stoor, Synelnikov, Schow, Long, Meserole
Front L-R:  Elders Galuvao, Ah Puck, Picon, Livengood, Flores

Leaving January 2014 
Elders Jelitto, Giles, Moore, Bates, Branning, Szabo and Sister Bowman

Leaving February 2014
Back L-R:  Elders Raasveld, Schoemig, Centeno, Lanham, Vaterlaus
Sisters Tuft, Nakatsuka and Clement
Front sides:  Elders Peterson - R and Winkler - L

 Leaving April 2014
Elder Guerrero, Sisters Lavrentyeva, Chappell, Engman, Balls, Aldredge, Elder Alca

"We are Fa-mi-ly….  I've got all my sisters and me!"
Back L-R:  Sisters Bullock, Lavrentyeva, Chappell, Engman, Balls, Aldredge, Bowman
Front L-R:  Sisters Clement, Tuft, Nakatsuka
and the luckiest mission president's wife in the world!

Parting Note:
Sisters Chappell, Graff, Shaw, Carcamo, Nakatsuka and Clement sang a moving tribute
 for Veterans from the Beirut Bombing

To hear their numbers, click here:

America the Beautiful

The Lord is my Shepherd

I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go

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