Sunday, November 3, 2013

October Departures & Changing of the Guard

October saw us bidding farewell 
to eleven irreplaceable favorites!

Starting with memorabilia and breakfast at the Mission Home:

Back row:  Departing Elders Watts, Sterr, Gremillion, Serving Elders Jelitto, Miyasaki and Branningwith the President
Middle row:  Departing Elders Bodily, Julander, Olsen, Seely with departing Sisters Schoemaker, Word and Blascoe,
Front row:  Departing Elders Nielson and Fisher (with the mission mascot dog Sierra)
Elders Seely, Nielson, Watts, Bodily, Olsen and Sterr

Everyone creates a personalized page for the Cookes' book 

With Elder Gremillion in the back

Breakfast is a joint effort

The gourmet kitchen crew:  Elders Julander, Miyasaki, Jelitto, Fisher and Branning

Elder Julander: grill expert

Our 13-yr-old daughter, Elizabeth, loves being part of this Saturday morning brunch with dear friends

Relaxing around the Mission Home while the President conducts his final interviews

The Sisters have made such an impact on our children, especially our Elizabeth.

Final singing of the mission song as a departing group

A few days later, after their final transfer/testimony meeting,
the President sends them off with our blessing.

The President explains the significance of the Service Coin that each departing missionary will receive.

Elders Gremillion, Sterr, Julander, Nielson, Bodily, Fisher, Olsen, Seely, President, Elder Watts,
Sisters Schoemaker, Word & Cooke

Elder Fisher goes from saying goodbye to his fellow Elders... to saying Hello to his mother!

Luckily for the mission, we still have Elder Branning for a little while longer
leading, training, enriching Washington D.C. North.

We are unspeakably grateful to the old guard of Assistants, Elders Fisher and Branning, 
who have now turned over the reins to Elders Miyasaki and Jelitto.

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