Thursday, November 7, 2013

Training the October Arrivals

Specialized Training for new Trainees and their Trainers

Back row L-R:  Elders Proudfoot, Gerber-Kai, Tilby, Jamias, the Cookes, Elder Gomez, Bledsoe, Branning, Malugin, Anderson, Monsia, Perrin
Sisters L-R:  Sisters Balls, Busath, Smith, Chapman, Truman, Rowley, Leben, Lewis, Fafita, Bowman, Owens, Mendenhall, Griffiths, Holland
Elders middle right of sisters:  Elders Reedy, Buonocore, Watts, Brian
Front row L-R:  Elders Hansen, Hart, Farley, Bodda, Arnett, Rummler, Harston, Chapman, Wright

Since this training session was held on Halloween morning,
the Assistants and Sister Training Leader, Sister Bowman (L), with her companion Sister Lewis,
 dressed up as the missionaries from "The District" training videos.
Sister Lewis wanted me to be SURE to tell her mother she doesn't usually dress like this :-)

On with training…

Elders Jelitto, Gerber-Kai, Jamias, Malugin, Harston

Elder Hansen
Sisters Griffiths and Owens

Sister Leben, Elder Reedy and Sister Bowman
Elders Malugin and Branning

Elders Farley, Gomez, Buonocore, Sisters Smith, Truman, Chapman

Sister Balls, Elders Hart and Reedy, Sister Rowley

Sisters Chapman and Smith in front
Sister Holland, Elder Perrin? and Sister Mendenhall in back
Elder Buonocore and his trainer, Elder Chapman

Elders Arnett and Rummler ? with Sister Fafita

Elders Hart and Reedy in front
Elders Anderson and Rummler in back

Sisters Truman, Busath, Chapman and Smith in front

Elders Bodda, Harston, Malugin (covered) and Jamias

Companionships compete to see how quickly they can unscramble the phrases of "The First Vision"
Elder Miyasaki looks on as Elders Jamias and Malugin find and target the phrases in correct order
Elders Hart, Jamias, Malugin and Reedy reload

In Handbook Races, the Assistants present a scenario in typical missionary life where an appropriate choice can be found in the White Handbook.  First companionship to find it wins that point.

Elders Miyasaki and Jelitto creating scenarios

Sisters Balls and Fafita ready to race through their White Handbooks

Elder Branning and his trainee, Elder Perrin

Elders Buonocore, Chapman, Brian and Anderson

Sister Lewis and her trainer Sister Bowman posing as Sisters Payne and Meyers from "The District"

Elders Proudfoot, Gerber-Kai, Wright, Fletcher and Bledsoe

Sisters Smith, Chapman, Leben, Rowley, Griffiths and Owens

Elders Fletcher, Bledsoe and Monsia with Sister Truman

Elders Chapman, Brian and Anderson
Elders Arnett and Rummler in front with Elder Bodda in back

Elders Harston, Bodda, Jamias, Malugin, Hansen, Rummler? in front
Elders Buonocore, Chapman and Anderson in rear

Sister Truman, Busath, Lewis, Bowman and Holland

Elders Gerber-Kai, Proudfoot, Fletcher, Wright
Lunch, at last!
Elder Hart

("Please tell my Mom," Sister Lewis implored again, "that I don't usually dress this way!")

This dazzling addition of sisters to the Washington D.C. North Mission...

Back row:  Sisters Leben, Griffiths, Owens, Holland, Mendenhall, Truman, Smith, Busath, Chapman
Front row:  Sisters Lewis, Bowman, Fafita, Balls, Rowley

… goes to work in this spectacular setting!

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  1. This is Celeste Lewis (Sister Lewis' mom) No worries here about what she wears…whatever it is, she's shining with the Spirit! :) Looks like it was a fun and enlightening training day! And thank you, thank you for this wonderful blog!